Improving Quality of Life

Financial Institutions/Financial Professionals

Whether you are a financial institution or a financial advisor, we know how valuable your clients are to you.

Have you ever heard your clients or potential clients say, “I would love to take advantage of the plan or services you have outlined, but right now we don’t have the money to move forward”?

In reality, you know that the money is probably there, but greater focus is needed to redirect the flow of spending to higher priorities. Sometimes, an accelerated path to eliminating some debt is also part of the solution that will position them to participate in the important financial offerings you have available.

By activating the “4 Laws” in their lives, you will help your clients not only find the money to take advantage of the services you provide, but they will tell others how you have helped them move forward from where they began.

The Financial Wellness Group offerings are simple solutions that you can use to keep the client close to you as you help position them for the next financial choices they will make. By helping them reach the next stage of financial preparedness, you build trust, loyalty, and future business.

Through the implementation of the “4 Laws” your clients will be able to actively increase participation in savings, investment, and insurance vehicles, eliminate unwanted debt, and dramatically improve their quality of life.

Contact us to learn more about how our offerings can assist you in building your client base and your client’s financial future.

I've been giving financial advice to clients since 1969. I've taught them the principles of wealth, but I've never had a 'tool' to put in their hands. This is the tool. It contains the answers to financial happiness."

Bob Thomas, Owner of Thomas Tax & Financial, Bangor, Maine

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