Improving Quality of Life

Direct Sales Organizations

You are providing your business owners with an opportunity to build a business that will infuse income into their financial lives. However, additional money only helps your business owners and their families if that income is directed properly. Otherwise, people stay “broke” just at a different income level.

Building a Rich Life, not just a Rich Lifestyle is the key for business owners to recognize the true benefit of the additional income you are providing them.

The “4 Laws” process enables your people to realize the power of what you are offering with greater emphasis on the reasons they started their home-based business. You will see greater focus from your business owners’ as they truly magnify the power of the additional income in their lives.

The “4 Laws” financially healthy approach also creates a powerful talking point for business owners to share your business opportunity message.

To learn more about how your organization can offer a custom version of The 4 Laws book or to inquire about special volume pricing on our financial wellness solutions, drop us a request and a representative will follow up.

“After several years focused on making more money, and becoming one of the highest paid leaders in my field, I had a life changing experience that helped me realize that “more” wasn’t the answer. This began a 3-year quest of analyzing every debt elimination and wealth building program available. The programs looked nice lining the shelves of my library but did nothing to improve my financial situation or happiness.”

“Finally, I ran across the book “The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity.” The story format of this book taught a few simple principles in such a way that they not only made sense but created a strong desire, even an excitement to implement them in my life.”

“The results were immediate as we found hundreds of dollars that had been slipping through the cracks every month. Then I fell in love with the “game” of eliminating our debts with the Debt Down Rapid Payoff Schedule. I couldn’t believe it, this was actually FUN. We have been able to achieve remarkable financial goals in a much shorter period of time than we ever dreamed possible.”

“The Money Planner system has not only changed our financial future but has eliminated all the stress and created a peace-of-mind that makes every aspect of our lives better.”

R. Peterson

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The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity book coupled with the custom debt elimination plan strengthens business owners, creates excitement for the possibilities their new business income provides, and transforms their financial future.