Improving Quality of Life


It is no secret that financially “sick” employees are a financial drain on the organization that employs them. When employees are distracted by financial worries it diminishes their productivity, brings unnecessary stress into the workplace, and puts a damper on company morale and bottom line.

On the other hand, when workers are in a state of financial wellness, they are in control. They are more confident, focused, and have greater balance and security. By offering employee financial education, an employer is making an investment in its business.

No matter what your current financial wellness training initiatives or processes are, choose the power and simplicity of the “4 Laws” to enhance your workplace results!

Remember, to help employees engage in any financial health offerings you are making available – whatever that solution looks like, the employee must FIRST, have a mindset shift that involves BELIEF, HOPE, and MOTIVATION.

Too much complexity in any solution can create a barrier to even getting started, let alone making progress. Helping employees engage in financially healthy activities through simple, bite-sized steps that produce tremendous results builds a framework of BELIEF, HOPE, and MOTIVATION like nothing else can.

Put your employees on a pathway to enjoy greater quality of life, eliminate debt, increase savings, establish financial goals, and motivate them to increase participation in the company benefits that are offered. Employee engagement at work and appreciation for you as their employer will both increase as a result of helping them launch their own financial health transformation.

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“The 4 Laws” training has been an inspiration to the Advisory team of MBNA's Financial Advisory Service (servicing employees), as well as to the several hundreds of clients that have been introduced to it, and profited by its teachings!"

- Tom Dibble, MBNA-Director, Financial Advisory Service

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