Improving Quality of Life

About Us

Hey there. We’re The Financial Wellness Group, the quality of life company that makes it easy to integrate four life changing principles into daily habits to ignite a financial health transformation that changes everything. For more than a decade, our 4 Laws principles, training, and tools have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, business owners, and companies elevate financial health and enhance quality of life.

4 things to know about us

We believe it’s more than money

Why do we do what we do? Simple. Because… we know that the monetary medium of exchange is more than “just” money, it embodies your hopes, your dreams, your life! Money impacts every one of us nearly every day of life so it needs to be mixed with some healthy focus, purpose, and passion to produce results that enhance quality of life, elevate personal enjoyment, and create freedom of time and resources. Those results are just the beginning of what a healthy relationship with money looks and feels like.

We believe “lighten up” is a power mindset

Money often carries with it a misconception of complexity and heaviness – it doesn’t have to be that way. We will help you develop a “lighten up” money mindset that drives incremental success. Lighten up your debt, lighten up your stress, lighten up your load… and in the process drive your joy, quality of life, freedom, security, and peace-of-mind … UP, UP, UP (not to mention your net worth)!

We believe in the intrinsic value of people

Much of society and the world of marketing attempts to paint a picture that personal value is based on what we own, wear, drive, or have in our financial accounts. That’s a money myth of gigantic disproportion. Money CAN be a valuable tool to enhance life but DOES NOT determine the worth of a person. We champion people everywhere to take a stand on what money is and is not, to teach our young people the place money has in life, and to position the financial resources in your life in such a way that enables you to enhance the quality of life for yourself and others. People innately have value, money is merely a tool which, when directed positively, can be used in life enhancing ways.

We believe the journey should be fun

Your financial health journey should be fun, exhilarating, and fulfilling. While we believe in the serious power of focus and work to make lasting change, having fun doing it is an important process of choice, a way of thinking – delivering results that pay for a lifetime and beyond. We want your journey to be like a great road trip packed with discoveries, exploration, increased freedom, and self-renewal. Have fun with it… enjoy the journey.

Who we are

We are educators, business executives, IT gurus, authors, mothers, fathers, citizens in our communities, friends, and people who are passionate about helping others improve quality of life through financial wellness. The Financial Wellness Group is built on the foundation of four solid principles not on any one personality. The 4 Laws principles transcend age, gender, financial circumstance, and geographical location. They are simple to understand, easy to apply, and powerful in results. Thank you for letting us team with you in this most valuable pursuit.