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The Spending: On Target online tool is your assistant in creating your personalized spending plan, creating a road map that will guide the allocation of your valuable financial resources. Creating a spending plan helps you more clearly differentiate needs and high priorities from low priority wants. This valuable online tool provides you with spending guidelines by major spending category so that you can compare your spending targets against a general guideline, drawing attention to areas that may need adjusting. You will quickly see areas where you can shift your low priority spending to areas that are of greater importance. With small course corrections, you will see just how quickly you can be on the pathway to funding the future you have dreamed of with greater confidence.

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    PURCHASE Spending: On Target - Online Spending Plan Tool / Price: $67.00 / One Year Membership

    Note: Debt Down is an SSL secure, password protected online system and is paid as a one-year membership. If purchasing The Money Planner package, your annual Debt Down membership is included in The Money Planner package.

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    My wife and I activated our account one month and one day ago and we feel blessed to have your product as not only as a financial tool but also a marital aid. I say this because it has enhanced our communication on how money is spent, which as you know is a leading cause of marriage failures in our country. It has also allowed us to set better goals for our financial future and see how small decisions made today have a direct impact on our future.
    As another tangible result of our first month on the program, we have found literally hundreds of wasted dollars a month in our budget and have been able to make changes based on this new information that will allow us to contribute aggressively NOW to our church’s new building expansion program.
    God bless you for this awesome tool! I tend to share it with every person I meet!
    T. Stewart, California