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This Money Thing is built upon the proven 4 Laws principles taught in our book, The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity.

Utilizing engaging interactive exercises, students will work together, laugh together, and learn together about how money can be an ally today and throughout their lives. When a young person enters adulthood armed with financial self-confidence, a healthy money mindset, and applicable knowledge about how to make their money work for them, it positively impacts every aspect of their life moving forward.

For years educators have been using our 4 Laws book to help teach key, foundational principles of money to the upcoming generation. The Franklin Covey company also uses the 4 Laws principles and This Money Thing content in helping teens develop financial health. We co-authored the top distance learning course in the nation with a major university, targeted at teaching financial literacy to teens, also built upon these powerful principles and content.

Now, we are excited to make This Money Thing available, designed specifically to help educators and parents elevate the level of financial preparation in the upcoming generation.

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    This Money Thing Package Includes

    • The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity Book – provides the foundation for key principles of financial health that every person entering adulthood should know and understand. Written as a novel and inspired by actual occurrences, this entertaining and captivating book makes it easy for readers of all ages to grasp the life changing message of committing to financial health.
    • This Money Thing Learning Guide – A 45-page course, segmented into seven key lessons, each with multiple learning principles imbedded. Interactive, hands on lessons help students apply the principles taught.
    • This Money Thing Annotated Teacher’s Guide – Your companion to teaching This Money Thing. This complete guide is filled with suggested exercises and examples for each lesson and each learning point. The Teacher’s Guide has been designed to support a flexible teaching structure, enabling a parent or educator to enlarge or minimize any of the segments to fit the needs of the student or class.

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    See What People Are Saying

    I have had my students reading the 4 Laws book now for 6 years and I have had several parents read it also. Some have even purchased the book for all their married children. I now have enough 4 Laws books to have all of my classes reading it at the same time. Since Covid-19 came around I have put quizzes online that go along with the book. The new curriculum, This Money Thing, is a fantastic offering for teaching financial literacy and is built on the 4 Laws foundation. It has a learning guide for students and a teacher’s guide to direct learning activities. I am very grateful I bit the bullet years ago and now I have a great resource for my Financial Literacy classes.
    George Durfee, Pleasant Grove High School, Pleasant Grove Utah
    I was first introduced to the 4 Laws book as a gift at an educational conference. I took it and put it on a shelf in my classroom and there it stayed for about a year until I went to the same conference again the next year and I looked in my swag bag and I saw another 4 Laws book. But this time I was with other teachers who I respected highly who teach the same subject I teach, and they were commenting on how the book was so good and practical. So I bit the bullet and I read the book. As I read it the thought kept coming to my mind: "This is my class in 4 Laws." I recognized that this little 100-page novel was teaching my semester class.