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There are literally millions of people who live every day in financial frustration, regardless of the income they make. Now, you can ignite your financial health transformation and turn frustration into freedom.

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    The Money Planner package contains what you need to launch a healthier and happier, prosperous tomorrow:

    • The Money Planner Guidebook. The guidebook provides an easy-to-follow seven week plan that releases you from money stress, enables you to approach your financial future with confidence, and leads to financial freedom. The Money Planner will show you how to thrive financially as you take control of your money, eliminate debt faster than you ever imagined, clearly identify your financial priorities, and turn your money into a strong ally in getting what you really want out of life.
    • The Money Planner Audio Series. The audio series corresponds with the seven-week plan in The Money Planner guidebook, helping you stay motivated along your financial health transformation. Each audio is brief and provides additional insights to accelerate your progress.
    • The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity book. Written as a novel and inspired by actual occurrences, this entertaining and captivating book shows that how much a person earns isn’t nearly as important in achieving financial security as most people think – that nearly anyone, on any income, can achieve debt-free prosperity by applying the 4 Laws taught in the story.
    • Annual Membership to the Debt Down Online System. Creating your custom debt elimination plan is one of the first areas of focus you’ll engage in when following The Money Planner system. Using the Debt Down online tool, you will immediately see the fastest course to follow for eliminating debt and the exciting possibilities that your money can transform into when the debt shackles are gone.
    • Annual Membership to the Spending: On Target Online System. A key step in making the most of your money is creating your personalized spending plan. The Spending: On Target tool assists you in the creation of your spending plan, providing you with general spending guidelines to help identify areas that may need the greatest attention. Your personal spending plan puts power in your spending decision making process, dramatically transforming the results you get from the money you earn.

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    See What People Are Saying

    I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the Money Planner. I began utilizing the Money Planner over three years ago. In that time, I significantly increased my level of savings as well as reducing my debt by 40%!
    I could go on, but I just wanted to let you know that I value what you do and I really appreciate what you provide.
    A. Moreno
    Thank you so much for The Money Planner system. It’s a God send! Thank you for your time and attention. I am very excited about taking control of my finances. It all looks differently now. And I was quite shocked when I faced how much I was paying in interest and overcharges on my credit cards.
    Frances G., Kentucky