Improving Quality of Life

Why do so many people live paycheck to paycheck?

Today more than ever there is a vast amount of information and training available on financial wellness – so why are the majority of people still financially unhealthy?

More isn’t always better, in fact, too much information has proven to be overwhelming, complex, and even counterproductive when it comes to financial education and financial training solutions.

There is a myriad of reasons why people don’t engage in healthy ways with money or training programs that are designed to help. Chances are you, a family member, an employee, or a client may be one of those people for whom you are trying to help change the financial outcome.

Many people have developed a money mindset that prevents them from moving forward and experiencing the incredible benefits of building financial health in small, simple ways. Here are some common unhealthy attitudes about money…


“There’s just too much to know, it’s too hard, I can’t do it… I’ve never been good with numbers, I have NO idea where to begin...”


“I think things are going fine. Money comes in, money goes out… so what? I get by, most days, so it isn’t a big focus for me today.“

Perceived Pain

“Money issues cause tension and conflict so I’m going to avoid the topic and hope things work out. My relationship with money has always caused stress in my life.”


I don’t have time to spend on money matters, besides… retirement is a long way off so I’m just not going to deal with money issues right now.”

So… What’s Your Money Mindset?

The 4 Laws process helps reframe associations with money into positive, motivating connections built on successes that drive healthy, lasting financial habits.

For individuals, families, employees, clients, or students to THRIVE financially, they must BEGIN with a process that is easy to understand, simple to implement, motivating, and powerful in delivering results.

Our focus at The Financial Wellness Group is to ignite this powerful fresh BEGINNING process by creating a solid, sustainable foundation using our “4 Laws” principles as the bedrock for a financially healthy life.